About Wallflower

Our Mission

We all want to be seen, our voices heard. Here at Wallflower, we are Toronto based, textile enthusiasts bringing forth a new medium of self expression. 

Our mission is simple - Better Designs, Better Quality, Better Prices, Always. 

Disclaimer: Wallflower masks are not meant as replacements for medical-grade personal protective equipment. For prevention against infectious diseases such as COVID-19, please follow the proper guidelines of healthcare authorities in your area.

Customer Service
Your satisfaction is our No.1 priority. We take pride in going above and beyond for our customers, every single day. 

Our Process

Our supply chain is vertically integrated, we know the craftsmen and craftswomen who make our products by name.  It's how we ensure ethical business practices and optimal quality of each product. 

Giving Back

Giving back is a part of our DNA. We are currently working behind the scenes to partner with local organizations in the GTA, ensuring part of our proceeds goes towards uplifting the communities around us. Details to come! 

Please join us in celebrating the free spirited, whimsical, eccentric wallflowers in all of us. 

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