Triple Layer 100% Silk Satin Mask - Pink Pom Pom
Triple Layer 100% Silk Satin Mask - Pink Pom Pom
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Triple Layer 100% Silk Satin Mask - Pink Pom Pom

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Luxuriously smooth and mesmerizing shine, this triple layered silk satin mask is composed of silk satin inner and outer layers, with a tightly woven cotton middle layer. Stay safe - fabulously! 

Benefits of a 100% Silk Mask 

‣ ANTI-ACNE: Silk's protein structure lends it to be the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. Excellent for those with acne-prone or sensitive skin

‣ TEMPERATURE REGULATION: Silk is able to warm and cool simultaneously, providing insulation while wicking away excess heat and moisture from the skin

‣ ODOUR RESISTANT: Silk's smooth surface naturally resists soils and odours 

 DURABLE: Despite its delicate appearance, Silk is a robust fabric that is wrinkle and tear resistant

‣ SHINE: Silk's unique sheen creates an unequivocal luminescent character            that radiates and shines with the light

General Benefits of Wallflower Masks 

 TAILORED FIT: ergonomically designed to naturally hug the contours of your face

‣ COMFORT: adjustable elastic ear loops eliminates ear fatigue

‣ PROTECTION: 3 layers of coverage

‣ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: washable and reusable

*Note, this mask does not have a pocket to insert filter. 


Hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent, hang to dry. Verified Reviews Badge
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